A hacker threatened to remove Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page

Computer hacker Chang Chi-yuang decided to end the attack, he said in a Facebook message. “I cancel my live stream, I reported the error to Facebook and I will submit evidence when I receive Facebook’s Bounty,” Chang told Bloomberg. The title has been updated to reflect this fact, but the original article below remains unchanged.

A Taiwan hacker “White Hat” claims to show hackers on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page on Sunday, Bloomberg reported. Chang Chi-yuan wrote to its 26,000 subscribers in a Facebook message and promised to remove Facebook’s founder’s account and compete on Facebook Live. Chang is a well-known hacker in Taiwan, according to Bloomberg.

Chang and his Facebook page appear as “special contributors” in the Line Corp Hall of Fame. registered for 2016 and reportedly sued by a local bus operator for hacking his system and buying a ticket for a single Taiwanese dollar (equivalent to 3 US cents). The hacker has also released screenshots of Facebook’s responses to its bug reports.

Chang has already written about hacking to make money. Facebook has a bug bonus program that says “recognize and reward” security researchers who report vulnerabilities in their service.

If successful, it will not be the first time that the Zuckerberg site will be hacked. Already in 2011, a hacker had managed to publish an update of the status of the account of Zuckerberg. The founder was encouraged to invest users in the social media network and turn it into a social enterprise.

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