Microsoft terminates Skype Classic support on November 1st

Microsoft plans to shut down the desktop version of Skype 7.0, or Skype Classic, as called dedicated users, Nov. 1, while the phone and tablet versions will be terminated Nov. 15. The company today announced the change to the Skype blog and told users, “Although you can use older versions for a short time, we recommend that you update today to avoid interruptions.”

The Skype saga is one of the most controversial Windows manufacturer in recent years. Last year, Microsoft did a major overhaul of Skype, which included many Snapchat-like features. It was an attempt to turn his main messaging product into something that might have been more appealing to a younger audience, and on the contrary, for example, to the older professional and professional users who make up the majority of Skype users.

In the past year, Microsoft has tweaked Skype on its mobile devices and desktops to find a middle ground. Last month, the company announced that it would maintain Skype Classic “for a while”, while incorporating a number of features that long-time users had missed in the new version of Skype 8.0. Earlier this month, the company began deleting and further enhancing Mobile-First’s features and designs. This was done as part of another redesign, this time to reassure existing users rather than addressing new ones.

It now seems that Microsoft is finally ready to say goodbye to the old Skype, even if it means that a small number of unwanted changes must be imposed on its user base. The length of time that Skype Classic will continue to run after the company ceases to be supported is not clearly defined. The editor’s note on the blog post indicates that it will only be usable for a short time. But it seems that Microsoft has made enough changes so that the transition is not difficult.

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